Samsung Galaxy S7 shadowed by S7 Edge

Samsung has unveiled their latest devices. The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge will launch on the 11th of March but it seems like the Edge will win this time round.

MWC kicks off with a bang as Samsung revealed the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge at their event yesterday. In many ways the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are phones that most didn’t expect to see from Samsung, devices that takes the special sauce from last year and improves on it in a number of ways.
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Unfortunately for the S7 fans it seems as though Samsung hasn’t really changed all that much. The S7 Edge has a more refined design, but the S7 looks pretty much like the S6 from last year. There are many internals that has changed in the S7 – new 3000 mAh battery, reintroduction of IP68 waterproof design as well as the micro-SD card (although they have not gone with Google’s adaptable storage- which is a shame). Also it hasn’t received the rumored 3D touch display, but the “Always On” tech looks like it could be a useful feature (not a gimmick that Samsung often produces).
The S7 Edge however is the shining light for Samsung. The phone looks even more spectacular than the previous model and it has received many internal improvements like the S7 (although sporting a 3600 mAh battery!). The camera on the new Edge is in the same league as the S7 ‘normal’, where it’s a 12MP sensor with improved low light capabilities. It is a drop from the 16MP camera from last year, but a drop in resolution (which you don’t need as much) will definitively help out with functionality (we will test it out once we get to review it).
So far it seems as though the S7 Edge defintily edges out the normal S7 (sorry about the bad pun :)). The S7 is just too similar to the 2015 S6. The S7 and S7 Edge will launch on the 11th of March. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates from MWC this week – its going to be big!
Source: TechRadar
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