Samsung Galaxy S7 Rumour Roundup: Everything you need to know

Let’s look at everything we know and expect from Samsung’s upcoming flagship in our Galaxy S7 rumour roundup

What else is there to say about Samsung these days? They‘re going through a rocky time with sales of the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S6 not exactly going to plan. The Galaxy S5‘s design was still remarkably flawed with horrible plastics and the Galaxy S6 neglected to cater for their power users who want expandability.
Not only that, but other Android device manufacturers have definitely started to stand up and make themselves known, with great devices like the LG G4 and the Huawei Mate S. The Galaxy S6 had a couple of flaws which we would like to see improved upon, but even so it was still one of our favourite devices of 2015.

We will be getting the newest Galaxy on February 21st at MWC 2016 as well ““ just like the LG G5 ““ so there is a lot to look forward to. Let‘s discuss everything we know and expect from the upcoming device in our Samsung Galaxy S7 rumour roundup.


The Galaxy S7 will look extremely similar to the current gen Galaxy S6. A small change we are expecting is rounded sides on the back, the same as we saw on the Galaxy Note 5. It will also most likely use the exact same build materials.
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The latest iteration in Samsung‘s flagship range is most likely going to use an octa-core chipset built in-house (an Exynos variant). There may be an international version that employs the Snapdragon 820, but this rumour hasn‘t been confirmed in any way or form. The device will also come with 4GB of RAM.
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Pressure Sensitive Screen

This seems to be one of the new trends in smartphone screen technology. It was started with the Huawei P8 and then the iPhone 6s, and you can expect something akin to 3D Touch on the latest Galaxy flagship.
To be honest, this feature isn‘t that useful one the likes of the new iPhone (yet), so this may just be a case of Samsung playing catch-up and trying to include everything into their flagship that Cupertino has.

USB Type-C

We‘re expecting the Galaxy S7 to have a USB Type-C port for easier and faster charging. This is definitely the way of the future and we should see it in many smartphones in 2016.
This may be a sign that Samsung are focusing on faster charging rather than fixing the horrible battery life we saw in the previous model, but we certainly hope that is not the case.
What do you think will be the big surprise, if anything, when the Galaxy S7 is launched? Are you excited about the alleged device described in our Galaxy S7 rumour roundup? Let us know in the comments below.
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