South African Tesla Powerwall units unveiled

Rubicon, a Tesla Energy reseller, has revealed the first four South African Tesla Powerwall units that will go on sale in the country.

If you’ve dreamed of breaking free from Eskom’s less-than-reliable energy grid, your breakthrough moment is around the corner; Tesla Energy re-seller Rubicon has confirmed details surrounding the first four South African Tesla Powerwall units to hit the market.
The units in question will be available following the training of Tesla-approved installers.
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The Powerwall battery system is expected to launch with an expected price tag varying between $3600 – $4000 USD, with the local Rand price influenced by the currency’s performance against the Dollar.
The four kits in question will include a Tesla Powerwall battery and a StorEdge inverter system from Solar Edge.
The four kits in question are the RUB-TES; a basic system for an existing solar installation, the RUB-TES3, a complete Tesla/SolarEdge package, the RUB-TES5, a Tesla/SolarEdge package with 5kWp of solar panels, and finally the RUB-5ES5.2, which will arrive with 5kWp of solar panels with two Powerwall units.
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