Google's next VR headset may be self-sufficient

According to new reports, the world’s largest search company is looking to develop a Google VR headset that could run as a standalone device.

While Google Cardboard is a great way to experience virtual reality affordably, the headset – amongst others – is dependant on the use of a smartphone or PC to render content. Now, rumours are swirling that a new Google VR headset could be a standalone product.
Presently, the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive require a PC to show virtual reality content, and PlayStation VR and Gear VR require a PlayStation or smartphone respectively, Google’s VR headset might instead be able to run on its own thanks to bearing its own screen and a high-powered processor.
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So far, Google has decline to comment, but has allegedly acquired a processor from Movidius, a California based startup that specialises in machine vision.
Movidius has confirmed that it has a ‘business relationship’ with Google, but decline to comment further.
Last month, Google went as far to create its own VR division, indicating that the company is certainly dead-set on some form of future virtual reality endeavour.
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