A new '1970' bug can brick iPhones and iPads

Apple’s not having a good run; a new ‘1970 bug’ can result in a bricked iPhone or iPad should the devices date be reset to the year in question.

While Apple might already be facing an imminent legal battle over the disastrous Error 53 bug, there’s now an entirely new way to brick your iPhone or iPad: activating the 1970 bug through resetting your device’s date to the year in question.
Setting an iPhone or iPad’s clock to January 1st, 1970 on an iPhone or iPad running iOS 9 on Apple’s A7, A8, A9, and A9X processor are subject to the error.
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Allegedly, an iPhone or iPad with that configuration will see the year 1970 as a negative time value – resulting in the device becoming more useless than a slate brick, with the only real fix being to take the unit back to an Apple Store.
It’s almost like Y2K all over again.
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