NASA releases new space tourism posters

NASA has released new retro-style space tourism posters which imagine new experiences while exploring humankind’s final frontier.

Ever dreamed of becoming a cosmic traveller? A new set of space tourism posters, created by a studio at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, teases cosmic experiences in a piece entitled Visions of the Future.
While three posters were first made available for download and printing on Monday, 11 more have been made available, and feature imaginary destinations in our solar system, from planes such as Venus, Jupiter and Titan.
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Earth, as well, has received its own poster, tipped as the “Oasis in Space”.
The posters themselves, which are in art deco style, are a great addition to any enthusiast’s wall, and feature an education blurb with additional scientific information about each subject.
You’re able to to browse some of NASA’s posters below, as well as through the official JPL website.

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