Apple Stores will now apply iPhone screen protectors for customers

Ever cracked your iPhone screen? Apple Store employees worldwide will now apply bought iPhone screen protectors free of charge in-store.

For those of us who’ve had to fork over the cash for an iPhone screen repair, a new alternative is in sight: starting today, Apple Store employees around the world will apply bought iPhone screen protectors free of charge.
Apple Stores will make us of a Belkin-made machine to make the process easier; the hardware, officially named Screencare+  Application Systems, will apply protective glass or antiglare iPhone screen protectors  to iPhones, with the promise of a bubble-free application.
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In the US, Belkin has a similar product named the TrueClear Pro Advanced Screen Care at Target stores, which makes use of a machine to apply a screen protector.
Presently, customers who opt to install a $35 USD Invisiglass shatterproof glass protector or $20 Anti-Glare protector will be able to make use of the offer of in-store application.
The move is an interesting one for Apple, who previously have maintained a degree of distance between their products and third-party add-ons.
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