Steve Ballmer has some harsh words for Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

Here’s a man who’s clearly displeased: In a discussion surrounding Microsoft’s new strategy, Steve Ballmer criticises the company’s CEO, Satya Nadella.

In a new interview with Business Insider, former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer criticises incumbent CEO Satya Nadella, offering his take on the company’s new strategy.
Ballmer, who previously has been vocal on his desire to see Windows 10 Mobile run Android apps, has laid into Nadella’s decision to direct the company towards a cloud-first strategy, citing the direction he left the company in as the right trajectory.
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Ballmer stated that “If you‘re going to be “œmobile-first, cloud-first,“ you really do need to have a sense of what you‘re doing in mobile devices. I had put the company on a path. The board as I was leaving took the company on a path by buying Nokia, they kind of went ahead with that after I told them I was going to go. The company, between me and the board, had taken that sort of view. Satya, he‘s certainly changed that. He needs to have a clear path forward. But I‘m sure he‘ll get there.” 
Ballmer largely desires action on the mobile front of Microsoft’s sales revenue, which has continuously dipped despite the company’s rollout of Windows 10 Mobile, which now enjoys a Windows 10 Mobile exceeds Windows Phone 8 usage
While Ballmer’s criticisms may fall on deaf ears inside the company, the former CEO is the company’s largest shareholder, and meets with Nadella four to five times  a year.
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