Top 5: Best Free Password Managers for 2016

Forgot your username and password again? Get your life organised with our list of the top 5 best free Password Managers for 2016.

Ah the bane of our digital existence! The username and password phenomenon has spread its tentacles into seemingly everything we do online. You can’t even access some news sites without remembering these two words / phrases these days. For those of us who are security minded and don’t want to use the same password for every site we visit, it can very soon become an impossible task to keep track of them all. So we set out to find some help. Here are our five top best fee Password Managers for 2016. If you have an eidetic memory, then good for you…

keeperKeeper (Android, iOS, WP)

Keeper is a free and easy to use password management system available on multiple mobile OSs (Android, iOS, WP) and desktop. Keeper allows you to easily organise and store your username and passwords and enable you to share them with trusted contacts. Keeper also has a built in password generator that allows to to create strong passwords on the go.
The pp can auto-fill login information on the fly as well as remember new passwords. Like most free password managers, Keeper gives you a 30-day trail with full functionality (back-up and syncing) after which you will have to subscribe to a back-up plan.

DashLaneDashlane (Android, iOS)

Dashlane is setup as a multi-platform password manager and digital wallet. It is available for free on Android, iOS and desktop. Apart from the usual storage of usernames and passwords, Dashlane features advanced encryption protection. An integrated browser and optional keyboard provides auto-fill options, and a Safari extension allows for auto-fill on iOS.
Dashlane also has Google Authenticator support that provides two-factor authentication. The premium service allows a cloud based backup and sync function across all devices.

1Password1Password (Android, iOS)

1Password is an extremely popular password manager. Features a strong password generator, username and password storage, secure sharing, etc. The app excels when it comes to its intuitive user interface and the built-in “œwatchtower“ service, the latter of which is designed to notify you of ongoing website breaches.
Search features allow you to easily find what you need, and iCloud and Dropbox support allows you to efficiently sync your data. 1Password supports TouchID when using iOS and can quickly share passwords with authorized users. To upgrade to premium will cost you $50 USD, which is quite a lot, but you will come out ahead over a couple of years (other premium services charge around $10 USD per year).

RoboformRoboform (Android, iOS, WP)

RoboForm stores your information locally, in the cloud, or across your devices, encrypting your data and supporting multiple identities in the process. It follows a different business model, only charging money when you use RoboForm on desktops and laptops and save more than 10 logins. It comes standard with password generator and auto-fill feature.
Roboform offers around-the-clock support and has a a great interface and a cool bookmark tool designed to keep track of all your favorite sites. If you run the app on your desktop it will automatically recognise new username and password details and add them to your manager.

SpalshID SafeSplashID Safe (Android, iOS)

SplashData has been around for a couple of years now and is a known name in the security industry. Their latest app, SpalshID Safe, allows users to store login data as well as other private information behind an encrypted application. SpalshID Safe can save a variety of record types, from website logins to credit card or social security data, complete with photo captures and file attachments, all protected with 256-bit encryption. Probably one the safest password managers out there. It comes with your standard web auto-fill feature and off-course the paid for cloud syncing feature.
Have you used any of these password managers? What was your experience? Let us know if you have a super password manager app that we have missed in our top 5 countdown of the best free Password Managers for 2016
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