LG Pay's card leaks ahead of MWC

Ahead of MWC 2016, the LG Pay card has leaked, indicating the company’s intent to take on the likes of Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

We’ve previously heard rumors that LG has quietly been readying LG Pay, the firm’s own take on a mobile payment solution similar to those offered by the likes of Apple and Samsung. Now, the company’s LG Pay Card has leaked in full detail ahead of MWC.
Instead of integrating LG Pay into its smartphones, LG has seemed to opt instead for the use of a physical LG Pay card. In a system similar to Coin, the card will allow users to store data from multiple accounts, which will allow users to determine how transactions are billed.
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The end product would likely be aimed at consumers who use multiple cards, and would prefer one simple hardware solution to carry all of their transactional accounts on the go.
While the leaked images show smartcard contacts, the initial unit will allegedly restrict users to making use of a magstripe connection through swiping.
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