Doomsday Clock scientists warn of a tech apocalypse

The team behind the Doomsday Clock has warned that a tech apocalypse – potentially caused by malevolent AI – could pose as much harm as nuclear war.

Where the world going to end, would you prefer a helping of nuclear war or a tech apocalypse?
The team behind the Doomsday Clock – the measure of how far away humankind is from complete devastation and oblivion – have warned that our species isn’t only at risk from a nuclear or environmental disaster, but that a rampant AI or other failure to harness technology could result in a dire tech apocalypse.
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In a future that might closely resemble the one Skynet offers in the Terminator films, the team behind the clock have warned that “emerging technological threats” pose a grave threat to our existence – citing that “the fast pace of technological change makes it incumbent on world leaders to pay attention to the control of emerging sciences that could become a major threat to humanity.”
“The international community needs to strengthen existing institutions that regulate emergent technologies and to create new forums for exploring potential risks and proposing potential controls on those areas of scientific and technological advance that have so far been subject to little if any societal oversight”, the group elaborated.
The Doomsday Clock remained set at three minutes to midnight as of yesterday – the minute hand of the clock is set to approach or retreat from the midnight mark based upon how close humanity is perceived to be to completely destroying itself.
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