Twitter invests into social headphone company Muzik

A Twitter Muzik partnership might see the network expand into social music to shore up with its efforts with Vine and Periscope.

One of the most bizarre news items buried under a wave of CES news last week was that a new Twitter Muzik partnership had been established through the social network’s strategic investment in the headphone company.
Twitter and headphones might seem an odd combination; but Muzik’s social headphones are designed around the premise of sharing what one listens to across social media platforms; users can map buttons on the headset to quickly share the name of the track they’re listening to to their favourite social network.
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Further, owners of Muzik headphones can incorporate images and geotags to establish a ‘moment’ – a quick multimedia post that shares what they’re listening to and where.
A Twitter Muzik partnership could see the social network develop a network centered around music similarly to how the company has developed accompanying social networks Vine and Periscope.
The company has looked at new methods of re-invigorating its growth of late, including the possibility of dropping it’s trademark 140 character limit altogether.
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