ShowMax and MWEB launch a ‘free’ ADSL deal

The Naspers owned VOD (video-on-demand) service ShowMax and MWEB have signed a deal in which users will get three months of “˜free‘ ADSL along with three months of complimentary access to ShowMax

This offer will only run until the end of March 2016 and is exclusive to customers who sign up for a 12-month subscription to one of MWeb‘s ADSL service products, excluding its 1GB, 2GB, 5GB capped and uncapped 1Mbit/s services.
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This comes shortly after Netflix, which is the world‘s largest VOD service, was launched in South Africa (and over 100 other countries) at the beginning of 2016. One of the problems we face in the country is access to large amounts of cheap data, but now Opera Max is trying to help with its new data compression technology which will reduce Netflix data costs by nearly half.
ShowMax and MWEB have both released statements, and ShowMax sayd: “œThe mechanics of the offer are that customers who sign up will receive three months of free MWeb ADSL service as well as a complimentary voucher for 90 days‘ access to ShowMax. They will then be billed for both the ShowMax and ADSL amounts for the remaining months of the 12-month contract.“
“œShowMax has a couple of killer features. First, with one subscription it‘s possible to watch two different shows on two different devices simultaneously. This means you can watch Breaking Bad on the TV while the kids watch Shaun the Sheep on their tablet,“ John Kotsaftis, general manager of ShowMax South Africa said in a statement.
“œSecond, we‘ve added download functionality to our Android app, allowing you to use your home internet connection or a Wi-Fi hotspot to download and store up to 25 TV shows or movies onto compatible tablets and smartphones for viewing later,“ he added.
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