Opera Max to reduce Netflix data costs by nearly half

Opera Max has revealed that using Opera Mini’s compression technology the app is able to reduce Netflix data costs by up to 60%

The majority of South Africans are reliant upon a mobile data connection; and for those of us who were excited by the news that the world’s favourite streaming service has finally arrived in South Africa, hope has remained dim that there will be any mean of escaping or even reduce Netflix data costs.
Thankfully, Opera has offered good news for those of us running Android – Opera Max is now able to compress Netflix’s data requirements and is able to save users up to 60% on their monthly data bill.
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A recent test by Android Authority revealed that Opera Max is able to save 54% on data using while streaming films or television content from Netflix.
The service, which works for both Mobile data and Wi-Fi, uses the same data saving technology used by the Opera Mini browser.
Opera Max functions through compression technology, which shrinks images and video when accessed on an Android device.
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What are your thoughts? Are you more likely to use either Opera or the streaming service based on the former’s ability to reduce Netflix data costs?
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