Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge specs leaked – not a flagship?

If you weren‘t confused by all the Samsung Galaxy S7 rumours like we are yet, you might be now

Is it possible that Samsung wouldn‘t have the same flagship specs in its Galaxy S7 Edge variant as in the regular Galaxy S7?
We‘ve heard conflicting stories; including the Galaxy S7 to have immense power and flagship specs (as expected), to rumours that it might have a microSD card, to ones that say the camera will be downgraded. We also know the Galaxy S7 will look almost identical to the Galaxy S6. Many of these rumours have contradicted each other, but as more are leaked we are starting to see the bigger picture.
New model variant details have now leaked via Nowhere Else, and we may have a better idea of where all these previous rumours fit in. It seems that there may be a difference in specs between the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, unlike last year.
We now know that both variants will have a 5.1-inch display (Quad HD) and have 4GB of RAM. Interestingly, the new leak details the CPU as well, which is quoted at being a Snapdragon 820 instead of the proprietary Exynos processors they used in the current model.
Where the devices seems to differ is in the camera department. Reportedly, the Edge variant has a 12MP camera, compared to the brilliant 16MP unit we had on the Galaxy S6.
Why would Samsung ditch that brilliant camera for the Edge variant? Are they trimming down the specs slightly in order to make it a bit cheaper for the consumer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.
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