You'll soon be able to preview party members on Xbox One

Microsoft’s Xbox One February update will allow users to preview party members before joining an online gaming party.

Between the gamers among us, we’ve all had an experience with “the one” – that one gamer in a multiplayer lobby who refuses to play ball. Now, a forthcoming update to the Xbox One will allow players to preview party members before starting a game.
The feature – which has oft been requested since the launch of the console – will allow users to preview the members of an online party before joining and participating in an online gaming session.
Previously, there has been no way to identify which players have been participating within an Xbox party – the new update will introduce a new option underneath ‘Join Party’ and ‘Join Game’ – specifically, the option to ‘See who’s in the party’ – from which gamers will be able to see the gamertags and profiles of each party member before they decide to join.
Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra has previously teased the feature, and the update is expected to release in mid February this year.
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Source: Xbox