Withings unveils the Go, an E ink fitness tracker

The Withings Go, unveiled by the eponymous company, is the firm’s latest fitness tracker and the company’s first to sport an E ink screen.

Up until now, most fitness trackers either opt for an LCD screen or no screen at all; the Withings Go, however, is the company’s latest fitness tracker, and its first to sport an E ink screen.
The Go can be worn either on one’s wrist or belt, and can count steps, track calories, and measure how far one has travelled.
The Go will last an impressive 8 months on battery, through making use of an energy-sipping E ink display similar to ones found on either Amazon’s Kindle series or Pebble’s timepieces.
Further, the Go is water-resistant and is capable, much like its counterpart the Activité Pop, of detecting whether a user starts swimming instead of running or walking.
The Go is expected to retail for $70 USD in North America, with pricing in other territories yet to be confirmed.
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Source: Wired