Ossia unveils true wireless charging

A company named Ossia has unveiled a new technology that makes true wireless charging a reality

Up until now, wireless charging has been a gimmicky term used to describe the ability to charge without cables, but not hands-free. Now, a company named Ossia has shown us a slice of the future with the introduction of true wireless charging.
Ossia has developed Corta transmitter technology, which makes legitimate wireless charging technology a possibility, and aims to release a product using such technology before the end of the year.
How does it work? There’s a catch. Ossia has developed a base charging station packed full of antennas that distributes power, and that requires that any device wanting to receive juice over the air needs to be upgraded with a built-in RF receiving chip.
This means that short of these chips becoming incorporated into mainstream smartphones, tablets and wearables, these kinds of gadgets will need to exist in a bulky wireless charging case. Ossia is presently working to miniaturise the chip in an effort to entice manufacturers to include it in future products.
The Cota hardware that the company has demonstrated bears a wireless range of about 10 feet, which would allow users to wirelessly charge their products in a single room. However, the unit is only able to charge one unit at a time.
What are your thoughts? Is this one step closer to the dream of true wireless charging? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below!