This injectable material can mend broken bones

A team in France has developed an injectable cement that when used on broken bones could fix the injury as well as promote new bone formation

Most of us have experienced a broken or fractured bone at some point, and are well aware of how long such an injury takes to heal. Now, a French research medical team have invented a whole new way to quickly mend broken bones.
A foamy form of cement, which can be injected directly into bones, can instantly speed up healing as well as promote new bone formation in the fracture’s place.
The substance is based around calcium phosphate, a family of minerals that makes up approximately 70% of our bones. As bone is a porous surface, the injectable minerals can flow into an implant site while waste flows out, speeding up the healing process.
While further tests are necessary, initial findings suggest that the material could soon hold promise not only in healing broken bones, but also in treating certain bone diseases.
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Source: IFLScience