Casio enters the smartwatch world with Android Wear

Casio has unveiled a rough-and-tumble Android Wear watch at CES. With an impressive battery and a boatload of functions the new Casio smartwatch aims to be the perfect outdoor companion

I remember my first Casio watch. It had a blue back-light and an awesome stopwatch function, but sadly did not compare with the crazy cool calculator model some of my friends were sporting (I was a nerd back then as well!). Fast forward to 2016,  Casio has unveiled a rough-and-tumble Android Wear watch at CES, one that isn’t ugly by any means, but which leaves the precious glossy sheen of some smartwatches at home.
Their new Smart Outdoor Watch WSD-F10 (a bit of a mouth full) is a watch you can take along on your outdoor adventures. Casio tested it to a US military standard for outdoor performance and it is also water resistant up to 50 meters. The watch comes with various sensors, a compass as well as functions indicating air pressure and altitude, sunrise and sunset times, and tide graphs, as well as your own activity stats.
From a design point of view the Casio sports a 1.32 inch dual layer screen with 320 x 300 pixel density. Battery is estimated to last around 3 days of normal use. If you switch it to “Timepiece” mode (just keeping time) the battery will last a month!
The watch is Android Wear enabled and will run apps like ViewRanger GPS app, Runkeeper and MyRadar. You’ll need an Android phone running 4.3 or higher or an iPhone with iOS 8.2 and up to sync the WSD-F10 up with.
Pricing will start at around $500 USD and will be available in the US by April and in Japan by March. There is an array of colors to choose from, and a number of original watch faces designed for everyday or outdoor use. If this outdoor Casio smartwatch is anything like their calculator watches of old, they might just create a whole new generation of fans.
Source: TechRadar
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