The Teslasuit brings new meaning to virtual reality

The Teslasuit, a new Kickstarter campaign, aims to bring a wearable virtual-reality bodysuit to gamers before the end of 2016.

2016 seems set to be the year of virtual reality, and between events at CES and even LG’s introduction of an augmented reality vacuum cleaner, things seem to be off to a good start. Now, a new product named the Teslasuit aims to pioneer full-body virtual reality.
While many virtual reality units such as the Oculus Rift aim to bring VR experiences to one’s head only, the Teslasuit is a fully enclosed haptic bodysuit that puts pressure on one’s body to match whatever consumers are playing or watching.
Working through a Bluetooth enabled T-Belt controller, the suit translates instructions into neuromuscular electrical stimulation; in more simple terms, the Teslasuit could recreate the sensation of a gentle hug all the way to a bullet hit.
The makers of the Teslasuit, who have promised up to 52 interaction suits and integrated climate control, have brought the product to Kickstarter for funding.
Users interested in acquiring a suit will need to pledge roughly $1,760 USD, with delivery expected in December. The team behind the suit, Thunderclap, aim to raise roughly $365,000 USD before the end of the year.
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