Facebook deliberately crashes its Android app to test user loyalty

The Facebook Android app has been deliberately shut down in the past in a bid to test user loyalty and retention following a service outage.

While Jesse Eisenberg’s Mark Zuckerberg from The Social Network might have once famously quipped that Facebook never experiences outages, a new report has indicated that the Facebook Android app has been deliberately shut down in the past in the name of social testing.
The report posits that Facebook has, in the past, deliberately shut down its Android app in an effortt to see how many of its users would continue to use the service despite encountering more than one issue at a time.
Presently, it is unknown how many users were targeted in these tests or where such testing took place, but a source close to the social network confirmed that the results of such testing proved that “people never stopped coming back.”
The same report posits that such testing surrounding the potential of outages forms part of contingency testing at Facebook, were its Android app to become unavailable; the perceived cause of which could be a future incident in which Google could remove the app from the Play Store.
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Source: Yahoo