Axis Vidius – the world’s smallest camera equipped drone

While there may be smaller drones in the sky, the Axis Vidius is a quadcopter that fits in the palm of your hand and is equipped with a camera. It is roughly 4 cm square, yet you can livestream and record video in 420p.
It is small enough that is it exempt from the new Federal Aviation Administration regulation that states you must register it to fly it legally. The regulations states that it requires all pilots, even hobbyists, to register their robots by February 19th with the US organisation.
The government decided to regulate the new drone trend, not only because of personal use but for business as well. Many companies have jumped on board, with 2016 probably seeing another couple joining. GoPro is said to join this year with their own quadcopter, the Karma. The most exciting is of course Amazon‘s delivery drones, which Jeremy Clarkson recently teased in a video.
The Axis Vidius takes 20 minutes to charge via USB but only has a 7 minute flight time. We‘re not completely sure who this is aimed at, but as a novelty it is quite attractive because it only costs $75 to pre-order.
Source: Business Times
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