Rahul Dowlath: My Top Tech Moment of 2015 – the Tesla Powerwall

We sat down with Bandwidth Blog writer Rahul Dowlath to chat about his favourite moment in tech this year; the unveiling of Tesla’s Powerwall.

Rahul Dowlath: “2015 was indeed a big year for tech. Apple had the Watch, Microsoft had the Surface… but there’s one piece of tech, not quite yet universally available, but that presents such a fierce idea for a better future that I cannot help but pick as my top piece of technology for this year: the Tesla Powerwall.
At a time when our reliance on what is basically antiquated, harmful energy sources is beginning to show its true effects on our global economies and severely affecting the planet’s ecologies, visionary tech genius Elon Musk arrives on the scene, not unlike Tony Stark, to deliver a brilliant solution to save our civilisation.
The Powerwall will be a game-changer in the world of energy. Whilst governments must contend with the big oil companies dictating their policies on climate change, Tesla’s ideas are so powerful, the Powerwall such an incredible, simple, beautiful system, that it will be hard to ignore. Musk is paving the way for a new market in renewable energy products.
Solar energy is an as-yet fully untapped source, and the tech engineered into Powerwall proves that this energy source can be just as capable ““ if not more so ““ than nuclear, wind, or hydro, and certainly a world better than fossil fuels.”
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