Rumours: Google Glass 2.0 imminent

Google Glass might not have taken off the first time around, but a new patent filing indicates that a sequel product is already in the works.

While few of us to get our hands on Google Glass here in South Africa before Google annulled its development the product, a new patent filing depicts that a new model of the product is already in development.
A new filing to the US Federal Communications Commission – the body which reviews and approves personal electronics units such as smartphones and wearables, has revealed images of the device’s external design and a basic user manual.
Named as model ‘GG1’ on the documents in question, the device appears similar to Google’s Glass Explorer edition; namely, the unit will be a set of eyeglass frames with a screen floating above a user’s right eye.
Unconfirmed reports posit that this edition of Google Glass will include a sturdier design as well as an Intel Atom processor, and will be aimed primarily at enterprise usage.
The development comes as a potential U-turn for Google, who previously ceased selling the first Glass edition in January of this year, 2015. Thus far, Google has declined to comment.
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