Amazing new pics leaked of the HTC One X9

The most recent HTC One X9 leaks reveal much more than a blurred-out shot from afar. The iMobile team in China has revealed some catchy pics of the upcoming smartphone.

Usually when pictures of upcoming phones are leaked they are very grainy, blurry and probably doesn’t really depict anything apart from the outline of the smartphone. On the other hand another recent leak (courtesy of iMobile in China) of the HTC One X9 shows an increasing series of higher and higher quality until we reach the point where the phone might as well be out already.
It seems as though the iMobile team got their hands on a fully functional, commercial-ready HTC One X9. Now, whether they broke an embargo (accidentally or not), or HTC has actually released this phone on the sly ““ it‘s an incredibly detailed account, the likes of which we‘re just not used to from yet-to-be-launched hardware.

Alongside the leak they report that the upcoming HTC should retail around $300 USD. Whilst we await the official announcement from HTC, check out these new pics, screenshots, and a re-hosted copy of the hands-on video. With all this out in the open, will we be getting a formal announcement from HTC soon?

Source: PocketNow
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