Steve Ballmer wants Windows Phone to run Android apps

Steve Ballmer may be out of the picture at Microsoft, but that doesn’t mean that the former CEO isn’t without clout.
The former CEO weighed in at Microsoft’s most recent shareholders meeting and fired shots at CEO Satya Nadella’s ‘Universal Apps’ strategy.
Ballmer, who owns the largest share in the company, rubbished Nadella’s strategy as one that ‘won’t work’, and has instead voiced his support for the idea that Windows Phone should be able to run Android apps instead.
The ‘app gap’ has remained a consistent problem on Windows devices, despite the launch of Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, alongside initiatives such as Project Westminster, which allows developers to quickly re-code web apps.
Ballmer established his opinion that Android apps, should they run on Windows 10 Mobile, would be an effective means of avoiding the current loophole surrounding the Windows 10 platform; that Microsoft needs apps to attract users, and hence needs users to attract app developers.
Previously, Microsoft had been developing Android app support in a project that was codenamed ‘Astoria’ – yet this was dropped as an internal priority in favour of focussing on Universal Apps.
Ballmer’s comments are surprising given that it was under his direction that Microsoft first rejected working with other mobile platforms.
Microsoft has issued a vague statement regarding Ballmer’s comments through Investor Relations Manager Chris Suh, who stated that “We enjoy a regular dialogue with Steve, and welcome his input and feedback, as we do from our other investors.” 
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