NVIDIA reboots the Shield Tablet after initial failure

Competing with Apple and Samsung in the tablet market has been a quite difficult task for other manufacturers over the past couple of years. NVIDIA was having a rough go of things with its Android-based hardware earlier this year, as not one, but two products suffered from some pretty public failures. The company was dealing with everything from failing hard-drives (in the Shield Pro Android TV Box) to having to recall Shield Tablets due to their batteries being a large fire risk.
Well, you can’t blame NVIDIA for not trying. The company has rebooted their tablet range and will reportedly bring it back under a slightly tweaked name, the Shield Tablet K1. What is interesting is that nothing has really changed, aside from sorting out the battery issue. That’s on the hardware front though, the K1 still packs an eight-inch 1080p display, Tegra K1 SoC, and stereo front-facing speakers. All still pretty impressive specs.
In order to build back their reputation and attract customers NVIDIA is taking an axe to Shield Tablet K1 pricing, discounting the hardware by $100 USD to bring it down to a new $200 USD price. Combine this with the fact that NVIDIA is planning to release the K1 with Android Marshmallow and you are looking at a very attractive Android tablet. Let’s see whether NVIDIA’s second attempt will pay off…
Source: NVIDIA
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