Apple Watch 2 is confirmed and on its way

It has been about 7 months since the Apple Watch went live for pre-orders in the US. Since then its availability has expanded to other markets, including South Africa, Europe and most recently India.
In contrast to other Apple iDevices, the Apple Watch has had a comparably tougher time since release. Wearables still aren‘t the massive success that Apple and others hoped that it would be. That being said, you can bet your bottom dollar that Apple were always planning to release another version, and that has now been confirmed the company tasked with the assembly of Apple‘s newest device.
Quanta CEO and founder Barry Lam has told Asian media that “œApple Watch 2“ is in full swing and we can expect the device in Q2 2016. It will only be in limited quantities at that time, with production ramping up into Q3.
If these dates are true it does mean that Apple will lengthen their usual 12 month turnaround period for new iterations of their devices. According to reports, it may be because we can expect something completely new from Apple (which we doubt), or the demand isn‘t as high as expected and people aren‘t chomping at the bit to get their hands on the new Apple Watch.
Whatever happens, we‘re interested to see if Apple can make a product that is truly as useful as they claim it is (even though some big companies have started to release multiple apps on the platform).
Source: G for Games
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