Nintendo confirms "free to download" smartphone games

Nintendo, a giant among the console market, will enter the world of smartphone gaming in the near future. When big-name console gaming companies enter the smartphone gaming market they obviously need to get their expectations in order. They won’t be able to ask R500 – R700 ZAR per title anymore. Nintendo‘s got its first smartphone games in development now, and while the first title (Miitomo) doesn‘t sound that revolutionary, there‘s been the hope that some of the future games could be more traditional console-style fare.
The question really is what are Nintendo planning to price their titles at? Yesterday Nintendo confirmed that their upcoming titles will be free to download. That’s all good and well but just how far will this generosity stretch? They might require purchases to unlock additional content ““ maybe as some sort of chapter system. Another option could involve micotransactions, as Nintendo‘s already started experimenting with on its 3DS system.
You have to strike a fine balance between making money from your gaming titles and scaring away customers with huge price tags or a “pay-to-advance” gaming system. We will have to wait and see if Nintendo gets this one right.
Source: Wall Street Journal
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