Tim Cook: Apple Pencil is not just a stylus

Right off the bat, let me just correct good “˜ol Tim Cook, CEO of Apple. The Apple Pencil is just a stylus. Now that we have that out of the way, let‘s see why he said so.
In a recent review by The Independent, he took some time to tell us how Apple sees the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil that comes along with it. Cook says that Apple didn‘t really build a stylus because, according to him, a stylus is a fat device that brings a lot of latency to the experience, and that you really can‘t sketch something like that.
Users need an accessory that mimics the look and feel of a pencil, in almost every way, and he says that the Apple Pencil is more of a compliment to the touch experience and not a replacement. He also had something to say about how productivity will be boosted with the larger display, even though it isn‘t ideal for tablet that are meant to be mobile.
Steve Jobs famously said that Apple doesn‘t believe in the stylus, a smaller iPad Mini won‘t work, and Apple will never build a car. Now that the new generation Apple has changed its mind, what will they change next?
Source: The Independant
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