Rufus Cuff wrist computer now available – this is no smartwatch

Wearables haven‘t truly taken off as many analysts thought they would, but is still quite a sizable market. Most people don‘t see the wearable as a necessity, and there are also very few unique ones on the market. Another gripe many people have with wearables is the fact that most almost always have to be connected to a phone to be useful.
About 18 months ago we heard about an IndieGoGo campaign for the Rufus Cuff, and immediately thought it was something interesting and new. Sure, with the bulky size it isn‘t going to be for everyone, but you can‘t argue that there just isn‘t anything else like it today.
The Los Angeles startup called Rufus Labs has now made it available for pre-order, at a very reasonable $250. They are aiming to replace “œthe need for smartphones, wallets, watches, fitness trackers, everything“ with this 3.2-inch behemoth strapped to your arm.

Why would you ever need such a large wearable? The Rufus Cuff, or “˜RC‘ as the company refers to it, is meant to completely replace your phone and not be tethered to it. We‘re not quite sure about the proposition, though, as it doesn‘t have cellular capabilities of its own at the moment. Perhaps it will come in the second generation?
It has all the bells and whistles of a smartphone, and is trying to make accessibility so much easier. Do you think this device could work for you in everyday use? Let us know in the comments below.
Source: USAToday
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