If you are an avid console gamer and haven’t heard of the Fallout series (including the upcoming Fallout 4 title) you really must still be booting up your PS1. The never ending stream of merchandise and tie-ins across the internet over the past couple of months tells you that there’s a game called Fallout 4 coming out ““ and a lot of people are quite excited about it.
Even though you can now buy everything from a Pip-Boy (futuristic vital stats tech companion found in the game) to a case of Nuka-Cola (the popular post nuclear world fizzy drink), Bethesda has been careful to not reveal too much of the storyline of its post-apocalyptic open-world shooter. The title launches on the 10th of November but now there is a gameplay trailer available to get you even more excited!
Check it out below.

Source: TechRadar
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