Usually the Apple “S” range doesn’t really offer a lot of brand new features. The “S” range is the perfection of the model defining range that has come before. Tweaks, little performance enhancements etc. This time round though Apple has given customers a lot more bang for their buck, and part of that bang is the new 3D Touch technology. Although the technology in itself isn’t really groundbreaking what is cool is that it‘s brought a range of shortcuts to iOS apps, so long as these support the service, and even that continues to grow.
A new entry to that list is the social media giant Facebook. They have decided to join the 3D Touch crowd yesterday with an update to its app on iOS. As with the rest of the apps that support Apple‘s new user interface feature, the Facebook App will now allow you to act on things without needing to enter the app. As it currently stands you‘ll be able to take a photo from the context menu, in addition to uploading an existing photo, and even updating your status without needing to enter the app.
The development by a large company such as Facebook will certainly light a fire under more developers to jump on the 3D Touch bandwagon. We will keep you posted as and when more applications join the party.
Source: 9to5Mac
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