iPhone 6s breaks Apple sales records… again

Like clockwork, Apple have released the sales figures from its opening weekend, and once again the iPhone 6s has broken Apple‘s record for iPhones sold in that opening three day period.
“Sales blew past any previous first weekend sales results in Apple’s history,” said CEO Tim Cook in a statement. It beat the previous record, set by the iPhone 6 quite comfortably. The iPhone 6 sold just over 10 million units in the launch weekend, whereas the iPhone 6s sold a massive 13 million units in the same period.
Just to put that into perspective, Apple sold $10 billion worth of iPhones in three days. That is a massive amount of iPhones, and a lot of it has to do with the fact that for the first time the iPhone went on sale in China in the same opening weekend as in the US and Europe.
China is Apple‘s second largest market, so these figures are hardly surprising. It doesn’t diminish the feat, however, because the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus launched in just 12 countries, and will be available in 40 more starting on October 9th.
Once enough stock becomes available, the phone will also launch in many other countries, as Apple stated they will sell the new iPhones in 130 countries, on more than 400 carriers.
Source: BusinessWire, Image: MacDirection
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