This $10,000 Vertu smartphone is finally a flagship

Apple, Samsung and even LG and Huawei tend to throw around pompous marketing terms like “œpremium“ or “œluxury“ with regard to not-so-extravagant smartphones or smartwatches all the time. At least not-so-luxurious by Vertu standards, as the once Nokia-owned British company has a long tradition of catering to truly the most snobbish, privileged of global mobile consumers.
What‘s always been odd about devices like the Ti, Constellation or Signature Touch is they never tried to compete against mainstream flagship handhelds on the latter category‘s terms.
Sure, Vertus shined with alligator skins, indestructible hand-crafted titanium constructions, and pampering personal assistant services, but for $10,000 or so, it seemed ridiculous they couldn‘t also throw in a contemporary processor or high-end camera.
Enter the refreshed yet familiar 2015 Signature Touch, which doesn‘t change much at its predecessor‘s looks, but for once, offers specifications in line with the absurdly high price. Well, you‘ll still pay most of the £6,500 ($9,990) to £13,700 ($21,000) for Dedicated Concierge support (“œfree“ for 18 months now), and the unique, fancy designs, though the 5.2-inch 1,080p display, octa-core Snapdragon 810 SoC, 4GB RAM, 21 MP main photographic unit, and 3,160 mAh battery may help seal the deal too.
Furthermore, the new Vertu Signature Touch runs Android 5.1 Lollipop out the box, it can be charged rapidly and wirelessly, and in addition to 64GB internal storage space, it lets you save data on a microSD card. If only it were around 9,000 bucks cheaper, right, dear non-mogul readers?
Source: Pocketnow
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