Hot on the heels of the new Apple TV, Google will be unveiling their latest Chromecast model at the end of September. According to a report by 9to5Google we can expect to see a host of new features. The upgraded media-streaming device is set to include improved Wi-Fi, support for content feeds, a new feature called “Fast Play” that the report speculates will enable faster connections and content access, and Chromecast Audio.
Take care not to confuse Chromecast Audio with Google Cast for Audio. Chromecast Audio is speculated to enable the device to be plugged via an auxiliary chord directly into any speaker system, while also delivering multi-room support. We still need to get more details on all of the features but with a Google event scheduled for September 29, we will know sooner rather than later.
The device will probably be priced similar to the first generation device, and will launch in at least 10 countries. Additionally, we expect Google will also announce that Spotify is preparing to launch support in its mobile app.
Source: 9to5Google
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