LG’s Nexus to be called the Nexus 5X, leaked

We have known for some time that we will be getting two new Nexus devices this year, built by LG and Huawei. Subsequently we have learned that Huawei will be making a phablet Nexus device, while LG will be making a more traditionally sized Nexus smartphone.
What we have wondered about since then is the design language ““ will we see something from LG reminiscent of their last Nexus, the Nexus 5, or will it look more like their current G-series flagships. With the latest leak, we may have our answer.
The phone we‘ve ended up getting to know from leaks and renders over these past few weeks has certainly seemed more like the Nexus 5, and now a new side-by-side comparison attempts to show us just how much they have in common ““ and some important areas where they differ.
Purportedly from the same source that brought us that “œfinal“ Nexus 5X design we looked at just the other day, this image approaches the phone from a side-view angle, and while that may not make for the most impressive pic, it does manage to highlight a few key aspects of the phone‘s design.
For instance, we get a proper sense of scale for the handset‘s camera bump, raised against the handset‘s back panel. There‘s also evidence for the same sort of front-sloping edges as we got on the Nexus 5, and the new Nexus 5X‘s thin build becomes very pronounced at this angle.
We also get an update on colour options for the Nexus 5X, with word that beyond plain black and white editions, the phone‘s rumoured blue variant will be quite bold. We‘re not sure yet just how that will manifest, but it sounds like something a lot more eye-catching than the midnight blue of the Nexus 6.
Source: AndroidPIT
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