Team C4 – The BPeSA Game to help curb unemployment?

The unemployment rate in South Africa has reached its highest since 2003, with an increase to 26.4%. Therefore, this would be a great time for an employment initiative. BPeSA (Business Process enabling South Africa) is a non-profit industry association for the BPO sector South Africa with aim to attract foreign investment and job creation. This is where the app Team C4 comes in.
Team C4 was developed in conjunction with Formula D, a creative and development team specializing in the production of learning games. Team C4 is an app in the format of a learning game, which will evaluate certain skills such as English, Math and listening skills. The game had been developed through investment from the Rockefeller Foundation, a foundation investing in the game‘s core belief in assisting the unemployed and preparing the young minds for future employment.
Screenshot_2015-09-06-21-48-09The main aim of the app is to determine your skill level across many different genres which will help place you in a contact centre job. With its wide range of games, it will evaluate your capabilities and learning potential. The app will then pool all this information ready to be mined by contact centre businesses for future and present hiring. If for example, you score high in English capabilities and math, they can use this information to place you in a position; better suited for your abilities. Using a well-known interface (if you can see the similarities to Angry Birds), the app is targeted at school kids. The app can theoretically be used to evaluate anyone at any age, but we can clearly see their target market.
Team C4 boasts that “œthis cool set of games can get you a job in South Africa‘s call centre industry“, making big claims in a much needed market. It is an app that I personally think is a much needed resource in the contact industry; and much needed for South African employment woes. With an app that could potentially prepare you for a job one day, I think Team C4 should be taken seriously. As the app is just about 13MB and free to download, it would work well within their target market‘s reach financially.
With both South Africa‘s employment market and contact industry in need of growth, this app will help “œwash“ both the industry‘s hand and help the unemployment market. With the contact industry growing steadily in South Africa, and the need for employees to fill these seats, it no wonder testing at grass roots is a good idea. On the other hand, this is a great initiative as the company employing the “œgamer“ is well aware of their ability for the job and you get direct contact from your future employer.