Hey Wena! Sony introduces the "Wena Wrist" to crowdfunders

Sony has introduced the latest product to hit First Flight, Sony’s own crowdfunding platform in Japan. It is called the “Wena Wrist”. Wena (not to be confused with Zulu word for “you”) stands for “wear electronics naturally,” apparently, and takes the form of a fairly traditional-looking watch. The Wena Wrist focuses on three main features “” an NFC wallet compatible with the Japanese Felica standard; notifications through vibration and a customizable LED light on the band; and activity tracking, which seems to work the way you’d expect except that the app is only for iOS.
There will be two versions available, the “Chronograph” model tells time with three separate dials for hours, minutes, and seconds, while the “Three Hands” model just has a regular watch face. The design size will be identical at about 42mm across. The Three Hands model will run for about three years and the Chronograph model is expected to last for about five years. The band, which houses all the smart stuff, will run for about a week before needing a charge (via the accompanying cradle charger).
Currently the Wena Wrist is expected to ship internationally around March or April next year. The expected price range is set to be at about R3600 for the silver “Three Hands” model up to around R7200 for the black “Chronograph” model, depending on what the Rand does! Anyway, check out the video below.
Source: TheVerge
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