Sony Xperia Z5 images leaked

While Sony’s present flagship, the Xperia Z4, has barely touched many international market-spaces, the Japanese firm’s next smartphone – the Xperia Z5 – has been outed in a photo leak.
Sony has indicated through multiple hints this past week that the company intends to unveil the Xperia Z5 on September 2 at IFA 2015, and multiple leaked press images now present some indication of what the handset will look like.
Unfortunately for Sony fans craving novelty in the Xperia Z lineup, the Z5 pictured – if legitimate – doesn’t stray from Sony’s omnibalance design language, and appears largely similar to the Z4 and Z3+ externally.

The first leaked press image depicts the imminent Z5 from a side view

The first leaked press image depicts the imminent Z5 from a side view, with the Xperia brand name engraved onto the side panel. Splashes of water on the device indicate – unsurprisingly – that the Z5 will be yet another water-proof (likely IP68 certified) smartphone.
The second image depicts a close-up of the alleged Z5’s 23 megapixel camera.

The second – and far more interesting – image depicts a close-up of the alleged Z5’s camera. The rear panel of the handset indicates that we can expect the Z5 to sport a 23 megapixel rear camera. Sony has previously hinted, through tweets, that the Z5 will use a fast hybrid autofocus system.
Should the Z5 be unveiled at IFA on September 2nd, the device will run counter to Sony’s claims that the company intends to move to a 12 month production cycle for its flagship devices.
Additionally, there’s little indication on whether the Z5 will see an international release, or will follow the precedent set by the Z4 which saw a local launch in Japan, followed by a slow release across international territories. The Z4 has yet to be released in South Africa.
What are your thoughts on the leaked Z5 images? Is Sony releasing flagships too often? Let us know in the comments below!