Final Fantasy 7 arrives on iOS – Cloud's new adventure

After months of anticipation Final Fantasy VII was finally released on iOS yesterday. Square Enix officially announced the release back in June during the E3 event and targeted a launch by the end of the US summer. In this iOS version of the game, you’ll be using a virtual controller, with the choice between a virtual analogue control or a fixed 4-way digital control pad. Interestingly, in this particular version of the game you can turn enemy encounters on and off.
You will also be able to turn on “Max Stats”, which will let you power up your character without have to grind through fighting (when you’ve turned of the enemy encounters). This seems like a bit of a strange move as it will cut down the playing time dramatically and in my mind takes away a lot of what makes Final Fantasy games so fun and rewarding.
Square Enix’s argument is that these two features will help to make the game easier and more convenient. It will also make the game much more accessible and allow gamers to focus more directly on the story. I for one would like to go with the original concept.
Final Fantasy 7 can be downloaded on both the iPhone and iPad for R219.99. You do however need at least an iPhone 5S, 3rd generation iPad, a iPad Mini 2 or any of the more recent models in these product ranges. They all need iOS 8 and above to operate.
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