iPhone 6S and iPhone 6 screen compared in leaked video

MacManiack, a reseller of iPhone, iPad, and Mac parts and accessories, has shared a new video that compares a purported iPhone 6S display with an existing iPhone 6 display. The side-by-side comparison reveals that the displays are very similar overall, with identical dimensions and the same placement of the FaceTime camera and proximity sensor, but the front panels do have some notable differences.
The alleged iPhone 6S display has a new connector in the top-left corner that supports multiple rumours claiming the next-generation smartphone will be equipped with pressure-sensitive Force Touch technology. The iPhone 6S display also has slightly redesigned flex connectors, Touch ID is integrated in the LCD and digitizer connector, and the protective plate on the back of the LCD is glued in place.

As the launch of the so-called iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus inches closer, multiple components for the upcoming smartphones have leaked from within the supply chain. Chinese phone repair company GeekBar shared three photos of an identical looking iPhone 6S display assembly last week, while photos of the device’s purported rear shell, logic board, battery, and more parts have also surfaced.
Source: MacRumours
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