Apple Music streaming quality to hit 256kbps

WWDC 2015 is in full steam and we have seen a lot of new stuff from Apple. From new platform updates, new Maps, split-screen on the iPad to of course one of the biggest reveals so far, Apple Music.
The music streaming service has been launched in an effort to lure users over from similar offerings on the market, such as Spotify or Tidal. Apple‘s iTunes has an exhaustive collection of music titles, but you already know that if you are an iPhone or iPad user. What other features will Apple music have?
Beats 1 will be Apple Music‘s 24/7 global radio effort, broadcasting from New York, LA, and London. Apple doesn’t want to push algorithmically generated playlists, insisting that users will prefer the curated control professional DJs bring to Beats 1, delivering “œmusic that is great and feels great.“
A question that lingered after the reveal at WWDC was just how good the streaming quality will be. While competitors like Spotify or Beats offer high quality streaming (320kbps for premium subscribers), Apple will apparently stream its media to Apple Music users at 256kbps. The difference however is that Apple has been using the AAC format, which at 256kbps will offer the same quality as any of its competitors.
Pricing for Apple Music will begin at just about $10 (+-R125) a month, with a three month free trial to help get you started. For more like $15 (+-R190), you can sign up for a family account that supports up to six discrete user accounts. Will you be trying out Apple Music? Let us know in the comment section below.
Source: PocketNow
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