The internet seems to be extremely confused as to how Samsung‘s latest Galaxy S6 are doing in sales. On the one hand we see reports that sales are slower than expected, while on the other hand, the company execs are reassuring investors that sales are strong.
Now, another report comes that claims the contrary. According to the report, Samsung has decided to cut down Galaxy S6 component orders for the flagship by 16%. The report doesn‘t specify whether these components are for the GS6, the Edge, or both of them. This leaves the number of orders at around 50 million, which is still a massive amount of smartphones.
The report also mentions that HTC have also decreased component orders ““ by 30%. Demand is low and sales performance is below expectations, which we think is a shame. After the order cut, the new number looks to be around 3.2 million units for 2015.
We aren‘t completely sure where these numbers come from, but if true, things aren‘t as rosy at Samsung and HTC as we thought.
Source: G for Games
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