Samsung Galaxy S6 edge – promo vid highlights curved design

The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is definitely one of the more interesting devices that have hit the market in recent times. It brings a truly unique design which is something rarely these days, mostly dominated with the same flat slab of smartphone we see all the time.
Of course, you can‘t talk about the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge without turning your attention to its over-the-edge curved screen ““ it is the main thing that differentiates itself from the Galaxy S6 after all.
In Samsung‘s latest promo ad, we get a better idea of how the one-of-a-kind build is sculpted. Sure, we‘re not getting a factory guided tour of the whole process, but we get some interesting details like the fact that the glass is bended at 800 degrees Celsius to give us that attractive curve.
We are currently reviewing the device, so expect that to drop soon, but check out the promo video to whet your appetites below:

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Source: Samsung
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