Elon Musk delivers inspiring Tesla Battery keynote

Keynote presentations have become a bit of an art in the tech industry over the past decade or so. The late Steve Jobs probably still holds the crown for the introduction of Apple’s iPhone in 2007 but we see more and more inspiring presentations from CEO’s these days. Elon Musk has now broken new grounds with an inspiring Tesla Battery keynote.
Step up Elon Musk. The real life Tony Stark and CEO of Tesla introduced the company’s new battery system last week Thursday in an inspiring presentation in California. Jobs was introducing a better smartphone, but Musk introduced the possibility of a better future…
There has been a lot of speculation as to whether the Tesla battery will succeed in cutting down on energy dependence and wastage. There has been many plans and strategies  to cut down on fossil fuels so whys should Tesla’s idea be note worthy? Well Musk genuinely sold the idea in his presentation. Too many tech visionaries pretend like every footprint they leave is going to radically change everything and make the world a better place to live in. I actually believe in what Musk is doing.
What makes the keynote brilliant can be broken down into a few points. Firstly he didn’t waste anybody’s time, with the presentation only being 20min in length. He used that time to present a problem of critical importance (eliminating humanity’s use of fossil fuels), explained how it can be addressed, and offered a plausible solution in the form of a new product “” one that’s priced within reach of a lot of people and available to order.
Musk was able to convey the technical details and his vision for the future in a humble but focused manner. He spoke to the audience in a frank tone, without trying to force you to believe him. The presentation is without crazy theatrics, just a matter-of-fact conversation about solving a problem.
Musk’s philanthropist approach to technology and design echoes in the way he runs Tesla. He has already opened some of the company’s patents to competitors, and announced tonight that it would even open its Gigafactory plans to others. Here is the keynote presentation video below:
Source: TheVerge
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