iOS 8.3 betas continue to reveal new features

The latest iOS 8.3 beta has shown some new improvements to Apple’s mobile OS, revealing new updates for Siri and other new finishing touches to the platform

Apple has upset the apple cart a bit with their upcoming iOS update. The tech giant surprised the world by giving users public betas for iOS with the launch of iOS 8.3 beta. What’s more is that the next iOS update won’t be a dot-equivalent update (few bug fixes) but a much more substantial update.
The initial beta release only revealed some small updates, but the newest available beta proves that it was all just the tip of the ice berg.
The original beta release only included some updates on a couple of changes to emoji options and skin tones, in addition to support for Google‘s two-step verification process. Now though the full extent of the iOS 8.3 update is being revealed.hey_siri_speaker-780
Apple has just seeded iOS 8.3 beta 4 to developers and public beta testers, and one forgotten topic that gets updated today is Siri. iOS 8 brought some minor updates to Siri, like for example being able to call on Siri while connected to a charger by saying “œHey Siri.“ This new beta gives users the option to make phone calls by telling Siri to call someone over the speakerphone, which makes a lot of sense since currently Siri would default the call to the ear piece.
Other changes come to the requirement for a password when downloading free applications. You can now switch off the need for this in the App Store settings on your mobile device. iCloud Photo library goes in and out of beta with each update, so it‘s hard to predict what‘ll happen to the final release. Another welcome addition is that you can now filter messages from users that are not in your contact list.
iOS 8.3 should be available in the coming weeks, but until then the beta users will definitely let Apple know what they think about it.
Source: PocketNow
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