We are only a couple of days away from the announcement which will usher in the new age of the Galaxy ““ at least according to Samsung. We have been waiting for ages and have had to endure multiple rumours and leaks, some which turns out to be true and other that don‘t.
Well, finally we get to see the device in the flesh ““ no more dummy casings or renders.
We know we will be getting at least two version of the device, one of which would be a curved display version. We‘ve already had a few hints at how this phone might differ from the Note Edge, and beyond having a curve that extends onto two sides, teasers had suggested that the extent of the curve could be much less pronounced than on last year‘s model.
That‘s all looking confirmed as we check out some new imagery, finally showing the GS6 and GS6 Edge side by side. While we can‘t see the Edge from all angles here, it‘s clear that its curve does indeed extend onto the expected two sides.
To be honest, we are extremely underwhelmed with what we are seeing. All the talk of a more premium looking and feeling Samsung is slowly withering away while we look at these photos. All we can say is ““ we hope this final leak is untrue.
Source: AndroidCentral
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