Valve's next gen graphics plan may restore Half-Life 3 hopes?

The ever popular and very protective Valve fortress has just become a little more mysterious. Apart from the upcoming Steam Machines console which should see the light in 2015, we have little to no idea of what Gabe and his crew at Valve have been up to. Valve will have a heavy presence at the 2015 GDC (Game Developer’s Conference) this year where they will hype up the new Steam Machine console, but what else might they have up their sleeve?
For one thing, we now know that Valve is scheduled to be on a technological panel titled “glNext: The Future of High Performance Graphics (Presented by Valve)“, where it will demo the successor to OpenGL, the current standard for graphics. Joining them on this panel will be EA, Epic Games and other large game developers which will discuss the next step in graphics.
The new glNext tech obviously needs some kind of visual platform to be demonstrated on. In fact, it’s even mentioned in the conference schedule: “We will present a technical breakdown of the API, advanced techniques and live demos of real-world applications running on glNext drivers and hardware.”
The little Half-Life geek in me is screaming that this would be the perfect opportunity for Valve to announce a new game running the glNext tech, Half-Life 3 anyone? There’s also the possibility of Left 4 Dead 3, Portal 3, an entirely new IP, or just another boring demo.
Ther will be endless speculation untill Valve finally shows us their hand, but no one can argue that Valve will make some waves in 2015. Check out the Vavle rumor video below.
Source: TechRadar
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